Sun and mars astrology

We may not all be fighting in a war, but we do have our own personal battles and our own personal defeats and victories we are faced with every day. They bring fear, they may even fill us with terror, but there is a way through when we find our courage, our bravery, and our determination. In modern astrology, Mars is the planet of action and motivation. It is the planet that helps us get up and go and put a pep in our step.

Sun Square Mars

It is the planet we look to when we need a push, when we need a surcharge of energy, and when we need to stand up for ourselves. Mars also rules over Aries, which is the first sign of the zodiac and the ruler of the head and top of the body. Most of us also come out of the womb headfirst into life and this is the strength Mars brings us. All of us have Mars energy within us, and when the Sun aligns with Mars during the first week of September , we will all be able to benefit and tap into this energy.

Mars and the Sun aligning is a time to get motivated and to put our fears to the side so we can follow through on our dreams and goals. It is also a time to remind ourselves of what a gift it is to be alive and to be part of this world. We all have a vision for ourselves or something we wish to achieve, and while the road may feel long or filled with obstacles, with Mars riding the chariot, we can feel strong and confident that no matter what, there will be something to learn, some level of growth, and something to take away from it at the end of the day.

This Mars energy will be felt most strongly on September 2nd, so use this day to take action and to overcome a fear that may be blocking you or preventing you from moving forward.

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Take a moment on this day to think about something you would like to do or something you would like to achieve. Then make a list of all the fears that are stopping you or preventing you. Looking at your list of fears in front of you, think about a way you can challenge them.

Very often, our fears are exaggerated or not as bad as we make them out to be. Sometimes we have to listen to our fears and other times, we have to feel our fear but move headfirst anyway. Sometimes we have to use our fears as a guide us as to what really matters and what is really important. During the first week of September, see if you can channel this Mars energy.

See if you can feel the fear but have it work for you! See if you can use it to motivate you and to encourage you to dig a little deeper and aim a little higher. He befriends all planetary bodies, aside from his energetic resistance, Saturn. Mars represents the spirit of energy, courage, and enterprise. His energy, when implemented strategically, is the polarity of shiftlessness and cowardice.

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This is the necessary masculine energy that initiates and asserts without subjection to reason. Mars also known as Mavors, Ares, Pyrois, or Gradivus , appears as a fiery star of sparkling color. He is a masculine, nocturnal planet of the night sect. His temperament is hot and dry, choleric and fiery.

His approximate course completion is one year and days. Mars stations before his day retrograde, and governs the water triplicity Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, respectively.

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  4. In traditional astrology, Mars is known as the lesser malefic, and finds his joy in the sixth place. He governs Tuesday, in the first and eighth hour from the Sun.

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    He solely befriends Venus, remaining antagonistic to all other planets. The Sun-Mars square initiates fiercely courageous, self-confident natives, even when offset by other factors in the natal chart. There is a distinct amount of assertiveness and impulsive behavior.

    When this aspect is stimulated by transits, the Sun-Mars stimulates action. There is ample energy and vitality associated with this and all Sun-Mars aspects, which must be channeled constructively in order to prevent self-sabotage and harm.

    More Than Mars Retrograde

    When this energetic current is well directed, and the native develops necessary patience and forethought, there is much potential for success in various endeavors. Likewise, this aspect, when tempered, grants the native an abundance of energy and enthusiasm that can be applied to any course of action. The square formed between the Sun and Mars generates an eruption of anger and brashness that can lead to unnecessary and potentially detrimental conflicts.

    Because the Sun and Mars are fiery planets without the temperance of calculation, there can be a notable lack of patience and forethought prior to action. As a result, the analytical mind needs to intervene before the primal instinct takes control of the native.

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    Slowing down can become challenging, as can immediate reactions to circumstances. The Sun-Mars square cultivates an impenetrable will, and can, with time, be used to constructively and consistently build upon any endeavor. With time, the native learns how to deter self-sabotage, one of the most challenging themes of this aspect for the implementation of temperance and discipline must be progressively built. Once this challenge is surpassed, the Sun-Mars native will find an energetic reservoir that is impervious to obstacles or hindrances.

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